The Post Worth Celebrating. (India).

10:30:00 AM

Good morning, good morning. Well as promised, my 103rd post needs to be celebrated (I decided against the cliche-nature of celebrating 100 slash I didn't have anything worth saying). Today, however, (and a few days ago when I promised a follow up post) is a day to celebrate, for I have finally developed a research proposal for my trip to India. Anyone who has spoken to me since mid-December all the way through last weekend knows very well the anxiety I experienced while trying to narrow down my ideas to one achievable project. Finally, on Tuesday, everything fell into place. I met with my Professor and under strange circumstances, and an even stranger conversation, my research proposal was discovered. As soon as the idea was presented it sunk into me the way you sink into a bathtub, simply absorbing everything, completely at peace. I smiled, and actually nearly cried at how perfectly the idea fit with me. Yes, with me. It just fit. I asked my mom time and time again about what I should research. Her response was always simple, "You already know Mallory, you just need to remember." Oh how right she was. It was just like remembering.

As I may have mentioned earlier (maybe not) I am studying under the branch of Women's Studies but I necessarily had to narrow it down, for obvious reasons. So my topic is this: Women's health decisions in correlation with age, urban vs. rural location, and education. I realize that this may not sound very exotic or enticing but there is so much more to it than a title can capture. And that is perfect. Abortion in India is completely free and legal, and even being endorsed by the government to some extent because of their over-population fears. Many of the women, regardless of their social standing or education, have had abortions. Many of them are not performed in hospitals but rather by midwifes. Additionally, I want to take a good look at the aids problem in India, prostitution is also legal and aids-education is minimal. I will be looking at basic questions such as, why do women go to the doctor? Assuming it will be different than the reasoning we might think to provide. I want to look at the quality of hospitals, child-bearing methods, homeopathic treatments and many, many other aspects of women's health. The idea is perfect for me, it just fits. Above all I just feel relieved, grateful, excited, anxious for time to pass, loved, free, did I mention grateful? Today, I am a queen.

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