Day 03. The Parents.

5:15:00 PM

My parents are easily the most wonderful people I know. I’ve never seen them fight, never seen them upset at each other. In fact, I don't believe they every left the honeymoon phase: no matter the dynamic of the trial or the heaviness of their load their love has never faltered, their spirits have never weakened, and they embrace every challenge hand in hand, so in love. They kiss shamelessly and hold hands no matter where they are. At any given moment you might find my mom doodling "MP + VP = love" on some wall, some sheet of paper, some plate at color me mine. And you might see my dad just staring at her in pure adoration. They have the kind of love that is physically visible, magnetic, the kind of love that any sane person sees and immediately says in their heart “I want that.” They're the kind of couple that dresses up for Halloween every year, (the punk and hippie costumes were a personal favorite) they do all the fun things, and attend the temple together often. The other night, as I walked into their room to ask them something I saw that they had fallen asleep atop the covers in their jeans and t-shirts, when I was finished debating whether to wake them up or not I saw that their arms outstretched across the bed, holding hands, completely asleep. They are amazing people and an even better couple.

My mom is a free-spirit, a farm girl, she's tough, and yet the most loving and forgiving person anyone could ever come across. She'll let her grand kids (they'll be 7 by August)play with her hair and make a mess of her house without a single word of complaint. She's honest. She's wise. She's hilarious. So humble. She's lovely. She was a piano prodigy starting when she was 3, a musical genius yet has a unique capability to make everyone feel absolutely wonderful in their own skin. She has something magnetic about her where you just want to talk with her, be with her, be as spontaneous and wonderful as she is. She's the Mom who plays with her kids like she's one of them. Who will get up and play 'just dance' or pacman. Who will start a full fledged game of hide and go seek and be the last to quit. The Mom who will send her kids incoherent text messages because she can't figure out the buttons on a touch screen. She has an individual relationship with each one of us and always knows how to counsel us individual. The type of mother who teaches her kids be honest, to love the Lord, and to develop good habits all the while having a generous heart and the ability to laugh through any challenge without being torn down. She is truly the most wonderful woman that I know, in every sense imaginable. (Not to mention the fact that she birthed nine children and still looks that amazing, I can only hope I got those genes)
My dad is just as equally wonderful. He's the type of Dad who takes time out to be with each and every kid (which is saying something, there's nine of us). Whether it be a quick ice cream cone, a driving lesson in the church parking lot, a daddy-daughter-date, or a ski day for your birthday, he's always there, he's always concerned about your comings and goings, and he always has some wisdom and humor to offer. My dad is the type of guy who will teach you to change your own tires, to be independent, but will still perform those tasks he teaches us like a true gentleman. He's the type of dad who will give you a congratulatory hug when you get your first kiss and welcomes you to tell him everything, and you know that you truly can. He's a brilliant business man, a spiritual giant (as is my mother) and is about as clever, inventive, and genuine as they come. He's a kid at heart, he'll skateboard down the street and leave people saying "who was that kid who came screaming down the road?" "oh, hi bishop!" He'll smile and wave as he passes. He woke us up every Saturday morning with tickling and a game before chores. Every one who comes across him leaves with a desire to be in his good graces, he's just one of those magnetic people. He is wonderful, and I'm grateful for the things he has taught me.

...I think its pretty plain to see, I want something exactly like what they have.

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  1. Your parents truly are the coolest/cutest/best. Love them.