Day 08. A Moment.

8:53:00 PM

Alright, story time. Once upon a time I was in this lovely place called Chicago with the most lovely people you'll ever meet, honestly. These pictures are moments in and of themselves, "La Creperie" was the name of this place. The french owner (who also played the trumpet), the accordion player, and the singer of the Yankee tunes were all just too great. They serenaded us all night long and loved my New Yorker friends (how could you not?). Not to mention the fact that they gave us free crepes to take home for breakfast. Champions. It was magical. Sounds cheesy, totally true. It was just perfect in every way. Its one of those nights that you look back on and just say "yeah, that was perfect." And it was.

blurry, you get the gist.

just a happy day.

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  1. This moment truly was one of the greatest of ALL TIME! Such joy AND rapture. And I'm so glad we got to share it (and more of 3AM subway rides...and gangstas honking at us) with you. Such. good. times. Love you!