Day 07. The Bestie.

9:46:00 PM

I've attempted to write this post several times now but honestly just can't get anything worthwhile written down without immediately crying. Allison Michelle Smilanich is my best friend in the entire world. She is the kindest, most non-judgmental, most well-intentioned person you will ever meet. We laugh like its nobody's business, about things that nobody understands. When she cries, I cry. I can't help it. If one of us is hurting, we're both hurting. If one of us is laughing hysterically, the other is too. We go off on ridiculous tangents about nonsensical things. We are just best friends.

Allie and I aren't the type of best friends to link arms and walk around the mall. Never have been. We're the type of friends who joke. It is not unusual for the phrase "I will not leave this house with you until you change" to leave one of our mouths. We're the type of friends who stay up till 4 in the morning replaying a 30 second clip of the Hills. And laughing hysterically. We're the type of friends who missed 8th period on a regular basis so we could watch the end of the "Say Yes to the Dress" episode we'd started during lunch. We're the type of friends who manage to get into trouble in China town and run from two large men, weaving through the streets of Manhattan and finding sanctuary in an angry Asian man's luggage shop. We're the type of friends who get lost in Grand Central station as we stay behind to take pictures of the Maserati randomly in the middle of the building. We're the type of friends who simultaneously step into a revolving door made for one person. While there's already a person in it. We're the type of friends who go long boarding at 2 in the morning in freezing weather in swimsuits and hoodies. And then run through sprinklers. We're the type of friends who build a huge fire just because a couple s'mores sound great. We're the type of friends who never get jealous, who never fight over petty things, or in general. We're the type of friends who drive on top of someones lawn (close enough to the front door that I could reach out and touch it) in an attempt to get away from boys paint balling Allie's car during "mens" week. Allie is just a darling, charming, honest girl with a huge heart and a desire to make everyone feel loved. She'll write me kind notes, send me twenty three texts in a row while I'm at work, just so I'll have something to do, and she'll make me laugh every single time I think my life is dreadful. She keeps me light, keeps me positive, keeps my priorities straight. We've never been the type to sit around; when Allie visited from Hawaii we made a list of nearly a hundred things to do in her two week stay and we almost did every one. The list ranged from things like "make grilled cheese sandwiches" to "make a music video, vandalize something, build a fort, get on the roof of something." We spend our summer days laying out on my trampoline while Allie complains that the sun is uncomfortable and puts a scarf over her face (I've never understood this)as well as riding our bikes to buy nail polish or to visit her Dad at work. We spend our nights listening to our favorite bands at Velour and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. We just have fun, no matter where we are, who we're with, or how unconventional the circumstances are. Once while we were in Texas for a science competition Allie dropped her camera on the train tracks; the batteries fell every where and we scrambled to pick everything up. We were completely in our own worlds, the train passed right where we were standing just seconds after we walked away. Somehow we managed to laugh about it and kept on our merry way. That's just always how things are, she's always finding the positive in every situation, and she's taught me that there's always a positive lesson in even the hardest situations. Allie has always been there for me and in the ways that I need it. When something is really hard, when I call her crying, or when everything is a mess she'll give me a hug and crack a joke. She silently sits there and knows what I'm going through and knows just how to get my mind off it, I can't even explain how grateful I am for that. How grateful I am that she sympathizes without prying, that she jokes without taking things too lightly. That she's always there when it matters. I could go on for hours. Pages? I love her, I miss her every day, she's a remarkable person, she's my best friend. That's all :)

Lake Powell

Las Vegas

New York


Dancing Buddies

Allie being a hobo outside Velour

Part of the fantastic fort we built

The bracelets to prove it

We're just happy people doing happy things.

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