Untitled, Naturally.

2:14:00 PM

Sometimes, I think we get too involved in our own lives. Things are rolling naturally, things are just working, but perhaps not at the pace we would prefer them to. What do we do? We try to put our own hand in it, try to cheat time, fate, and a whole plethora of unalterable configurations. In the end, those things that were falling into place so perfectly are left tainted by the would-be natural events that you just couldn't keep your hands off of. Other times, I think we let our life slip away from us: let our family get out of touch, let our homes turn to chaotic turmoil, let our words slip out with little or no meaning. We leave too much up to fate. We sit back and silently watch things fall apart. As we look upon the destruction we search for the catalyst, the initial agent, and we see it was negligence. I'm struggling to find a balance between letting my life happen the way it should happen, allowing myself to step out in a way, and completely neglecting things those things in my life that are falling into place and just banking on them 'falling into place.' I don't actually have a solution to this problem, so I think we'll just leave it at that.

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