"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word" -Margaret Atwood

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The recent writer's block that has been plaguing me for, I don't know, nearly a month, seems to be ending. And I couldn't be happier. Here's the thing. Writing is nothing more than thinking on paper. When your thoughts are preoccupied, your writing is nonexistent. So here goes, the thought that broke the writers block. Its nothing brilliant, its actually rather average, but that's not the point. (which is why I loved that quote that titles this entry)

As humans, one of our greatest fears is caring more than we believe others do. This applies to relationships, work places, schooling, hobbies, everything. We are constantly anxious to show others how much we don't care about events we are competing in, classes we're taking, careers we're pursuing. Why? When we make a decision to be passionate about something (lets be honest, its not really a decision at all) we put ourselves in a completely vulnerable position. A position where we are fragile. When we are apathetic nothing can affect us, to the outside world we are viewed as impenetrable. I can't help but wonder how many brilliant ideas are left unshared for fear that they will be rejected, disliked. When you give an idea you share a part of you, you can't take it back when it is disliked and say "well I didn't really mean that." you said it. Lets hope you meant it. There is power in sharing what you think but it must be shared confidently and shamelessly so that even if it is rejected (and many times it will be) it has no effect on our essential belief in it. We are only vulnerable if we believe the reactions of others are more valid than our own standards and expectations. And who's to say they are?

This thought led me to a new motto: Everything you do, do on purpose, with a purpose. The most successful people (in my point of view) are often those who go about their business confidently, believing they are successful, radiating success, until everyone else believes it too. They are worthy of investment because they seem to know what they're doing in a world where we are so often too busy feeling inadequate. Fake it till you make it? No. Just know you can do it, and then do.

That's all.

P.s. My darling niece was born on Sunday, you can't tell me she isn't the most lovely thing you've ever seen

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  1. This is really lovely. Such a valid idea, and you put it into words so well. Congratulations on overcoming your writer's block! I'm still working on mine...

  2. Wise girl. I love these thoughts.