"Do Nothing."

7:42:00 PM

Creative Writing. Spring Term 2011. You could say its pretty much my favorite class with Philosophy in a very close second and lets put my piano class in second too, why not. These past five days I was given a writing assignment to be completed bit by bit. The details of the assignment are really rather trivial but the directions differ daily. I'm on day four. My assignment today? Do nothing involving the assignment (I'm not sure if this is breaking that rule). Why do I love creative writing and the English major in general? Because assignments like "do nothing" "try something new and write about it" "leave class early and enjoy the weather" are genuine commands. How great is that? So great. The catch? The whole "do nothing" thing is a pain. Because the more I think about how I'm not supposed to be thinking about my assignment the more I think of brilliant ideas, ideas that I can't write down because "it is absolutely crucial that you follow rule number four." Being commanded not to write has never been so obnoxious.

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  1. Sounds like the assignment worked, then. I'll have to try that sometime :)