12:51:00 PM

This morning, in some bout of boredom, I snuck into a concert hall. It was a hall that my mom performed in on numerous occasions as a part of the whole being a childhood prodigy thing. I played the piano for a few minutes, incredibly on edge, fully knowing I wasn't supposed to be there. I started wondering what I would say if someone came into the room. I never really developed a sufficient answer but continued to play in utter isolation. I sat completely alone, playing on a concert piano, in a huge concert hall, that I wasn't supposed to be in, and I figured nobody would ever know. I heard footsteps and voices coming from one of the entrances. I tried to walk away casually until I realized there was no reason to be casually wondering in such a place, I hurried to the exit. I slowed down as I came around the corner and knew I was out of sight. There was a girl sitting in the foyer, I tried to avoid eye contact as I exited, apparently unsuccessfully "hey, that sounded really good." "Thanks, my mom used to play here." I left, awkwardly, of course.

Last night I watched a movie in which a girl claimed to have done something on a dare. The obvious question was asked, "Who dared you?" "I did." I couldn't help but smile as I thought of the many things I have done on self-dares. Sometimes, I think we should all do things we don't necessarily feel comfortable doing just so we can prove to ourselves that we can do them.

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