Sleep Writing.

8:59:00 PM

Okay. Sleep talking. Lets be honest, this is an incredibly common occurrence in my household, always has been. However, this week, something new has been creeping its way into my life: sleep writing. It sounds insane, I know. So, you know when you're on the phone with someone? Or just talking to them and its super late at night and you find yourself saying completely nonsensical things, usually to wake up in the middle of them and realize not a word of what you've said is coherent? This is the essence of sleep writing. So I'm on my thousand words a day kick right? (Which is actually super convenient because I just found out 750 words is required in my Creative Writing class) Because this task takes a decent amount of time and usually creeps into the late hours of the night slash early hours of the morning this sleep writing epidemic has begun. I'll be typing some nights and wake up to see that I've written and entire paragraph. I don't know where the sentences come from, dreams? Delirious thoughts? Who knows... Examples. P.s. I'm leaving in all the late-night typos...for your enjoyment.

"Visiting art museums is always an interesting experience for me bcaue each and every time there iskkkk"

"Tonight, I am dizzy. I get nervous because it is a scary thing to be a toung girl with waiver]ing health, all the while trying to keep its waivering a secret and in the large part, fialing. I blah blah blah la la la. She’s supposed to be in my Spanish class right now I don’t think she’s realized."

Keep in mind, I was asleep, and am therefore not responsible for the content of these sentences.

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  1. Hahaha oh my heavens. This is just too priceless!

  2. "She's supposed to be in my Spanish class right now I don't think she's realized." So awesome. So so awesome.