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I love any language that builds my speech without me consciously commanding it to (Greek and Latin, obviously, are my favorites). I love the way words roll off the tongue and can mean nothing to one and the world to another. Everything in life is based on our understanding of reality. Insanity is a lack of perception. Pain is a misperception of reality, or perhaps a perception of what reality should be, followed by a disappointment. Misery is the misalignment of actual reality and hopes of reality. Happy people are not realists, they are the people whose ideas of reality and desires for reality generally align with their actual realities. Could we call them honest people? Sure, but not honest in the sense that they don’t tell lies or that they only speak bluntly but honest in the sense that they don’t lie to themselves. Everything really seems to come down to honesty at the end of the day, doesn’t it?

ps. please excuse my terrible blogging habits.

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  1. I quite love this post. My cousin and I have fights about who is truly happy. Him, the realist, or me, the optimist. Thank you for adding to my argument.