Love Letters...

11:11:00 AM

When Kory and I were in India, and not allowed to be outwardly affectionate, we developed a habit of writing each other love letters. Some were ten pages long, some were one sentence, some were written on chalkboards, some were written on mirrors. Some were stashed in the fridge with a jar of Nutella and some were hidden underneath pillows, but they were all love letters in one way or another. I still remember the first one Kory ever gave me, he slipped it inside my laptop one day when he asked if he could use my bathroom and it was sitting there on my keyboard when I opened it up. I was so excited that I took a picture of it and sent it to my mom. I was on cloud nine the whole night, butterflies and all. It wasn't anything big, it was just a little note really, but from then on out, any time we were frustrated with the fact that we couldn't express what we were feeling, we'd just write it all out instead. The letters transformed from "I have a crush on you" to "I'm in love with you" over the months that followed. But we have every single letter, every little piece from start to finish. And we're keeping them forever.

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  1. dang, he has GOOD handwriting.
    I love that though

  2. What a GREAT book your LOVE LETTERS will make for your posterity........and it is something tangible you can ALWAYS pull out and look at....especially on days down the road when you might not like each other even though you are madly in love....if you need a little reminder that you're in this for the long haul.....myself I LOVE IT and I'M JEALOUS....I don't think I have ever gotten a letter from your fave uncle hahaha....♥