The Broken Shower

2:16:00 PM

Last night after dinner Kory and I were doing homework and I mentioned that I wanted to take a shower before bed the response I got caught me off guard, "Oh, you can't, the shower's broken until tomorrow morning." "what?" "yeah it's broken, you should shower in the morning." I wasn't catching on. We talked back and forth like this for a while and finally my sweet husband just said "go look in the shower." So I did...and found the cutest little pictures all over the walls...halfway in French. He's the sweetest.

Isn't he darling? and he's always so sweet to put up with me snapping random pictures of him. last night he wasn't having it "Kor, look at me" "nope." "look at me" "nope" "babe just smile for your hot wife." He did. He couldn't help it.

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  1. That was so sweet of Kory! You’re lucky to have him as your husband. I wonder how long it took for him to plan this surprise. Good thing, you didn’t call the plumber. That would be embarrassing! Hahahaha!

    Monica Ryan