Lakers Fan for a Day

11:19:00 PM

Tonight Kory and I slipped into purple and "gold" and drove up to Salt Lake to cheer for his beloved Lakers. When I gave him the tickets for Christmas they came with the premise that I'd be a Lakers fan for a day. No talking smack on Kobe. Or Bynum. When we got to our seats we were surrounded by Jazz fans but we cheered for the Lakers the whole way through...and actually came out on top. I promised myself I'd never be a Lakers fan but something about standing there next to my husband, feeling my vocal chords go raw, seeing how excited he got over every point, something about cheering for the same team was just exciting. I loved holding his hand and hoping they would score because I wanted to see his face light up when they did. Something about it was just kind of perfect. And who knows, maybe someday I'll become a real Lakers fan :) Oh, and Kory wants me to add that his shirt really is purple...not blue.

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