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In relief society on Sunday the teacher asked us to think of something our husbands have done that meant a lot to us. I knew mine immediately (there is an infinite list of things but this one is the first that came to mind) and couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed. One the December 14th, the night before I was to go through the temple, I unexpectedly got very sick. I had been feeling a little off all day but while Kory and I were watching Prison Break I had to run to the bathroom to throw up, and kept at it all night. I got tired of going back and forth from the couch to the bathroom so I finally (in my sick haze) decided to sleep on the bathroom floor. It seemed like a great idea. After a couple hours of throwing up I heard a voice outside the door, "how you doing baby girl?" I opened the door and saw Kory on hall floor with a pillow and blanket. "Kor, you should go to sleep." "No way, if you're up I'm up." and he was, all night. He convinced me to go cuddle with him on the floor even though I was disgustingly sick. He played with my hair and talked to me all night. And he didn't even think twice about it. It was just the sweetest thing and I don't think I'll ever forget it. It reminded me of something our stake president told us before we got married, "love is sacrifice." Sometimes its sleep, sometimes its time, but its always worth it, and the sweetness that results from the sacrifice is untouched by anything else.

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  1. pretty sure that made my eyes water! so glad you and your hunny are happy and doing well!