Park City

7:08:00 PM

The past few weeks have been crazy so Kory and I went on hiatus and took off to Park City for the weekend. We watched Storage Wars, Parking Wars, The Tourist, Salt, Secretariat, Gold Rush and How to Lose a Guy in 10 could say we got the break we needed. We went sledding at Soldier Hollow on Saturday afternoon and got a kick out of the fact that everybody there probably thought we were in high school the way I was rocking those pig tails and the way Kory was throwing snow balls at little kids (you think I'm kidding, they were throwing them right back). And since nobody could see our rings under our gloves it would have been a safe assumption. Sledding was great, I got sunburned, wasn't really planning on sunny weather, and after we went to Tarahumara...these cute little restaurant we found in Midway that has like a hundred different kinds of salsas. Maybe not a hundred. But pretty close. That night we went to Kory's cousin's house for dinner and played games and talked about wedding things with Jake and Shae. We came home on Sunday night, feeling on top of the world again.

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  1. Matson does the same things...hitting all the kids at the bumper carts at Lagoon...I was so embarrassed, but it was hilarious.

  2. sounds so relaxing. glad you got in some r&r. love you kids xoxo