11:50:00 AM

This is late. But Monday was just a great day. You know those days that just make you happy? It was one of those. Kory and I went and used our JDawgs gift certificates which means free drinks, free chips, and free hot dogs. To make things even better we saw Jake and Shae on our way there and decided to have a picnic with them. Then we washed the car...I think I had more fun than Kory did, I got a kick out of trying to beat him to the drivers seat. For family home evening we went bowling with Steven and his friends...little did we know they're PROS. Not kidding. Somebody bowled like a 198 and I think I got a 59  ( I love bowling, even though I'm admittedly terrible at it). I think I got like 3 strikes though and Kory totally rocked it (that's what you get for taking a bowling class I guess). Overall, just a good day.

and we thought the sequence of events in Kory's pictures was kind of hilarious. Don't think he got that last pin.

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  1. Looks like Mallory had so much fun. Kory you have great form BUT your face walking back doesn't convince me that you were loving your game. Love you kids. xoxomama

  2. I heard from eye witnesses that your car wash was the cutest battle to the front seat! Glad you are happy and love looking to a blog that is consistently well written. You're wonderful!

  3. Also my confirming words were "hoochi" and "consoochi"! So much fun.