greeting fall.

10:11:00 PM

This time last year I was in India being swept off my feet by the boy who became my sweet husband. I've been reading through my journals from that time and I'm so happy that I kept track of it all. There was one little quote I found, something Kory said and its something I always want to remember. We were just sitting there one night and Kory turned to me and said,
"Mallory, take this with like a chunk of salt, but I want to marry you someday" 
I can't explain why but it was just the sweetest thing. We already knew we wanted to marry each other but hearing it out loud made it that much better. Being here in Provo is (obviously) very different than being in India - it is colder (always a bummer), time moves faster, deadlines are tighter and homework is harder. So sometimes I wish time would move slower, the way it did in that crazy Indian heat; but anytime I get thinking that way all I have to do is look at that sweet husband of mine and realize I've got all I'll ever need [even if time moves faster than I'd like and even if it is a little too cold for my taste].

and this is just to prove [mostly to myself] that sometimes the cold can be beautiful.

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