the good times.

12:46:00 PM

The other day Kory and I were in my parent's kitchen watching young siblings and nieces and nephews play in the yard. They were jumping on the trampoline, swinging on swings and were markedly carefree. Kory made a comment about their lives and how simple they seem, how they're not worried about work or school or anything hugely significant. I thought about childhood and how simple it was (and yet how hard it seemed in the moment). Then I got thinking about how every time seems simpler than the one we're in. Last week seems simpler than this week (this is excluding, of course, the legitimately tough things) and generally speaking we seem to remember the easiness of a previous time more than its difficulties. I think in retrospect we realize that almost every time was a good time, or at least that it had its good moments. Then it makes me wonder what we're missing by being so busy thinking about how hard we think life is.

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  1. Love your thoughts.......and IT IS SO TRUE.....we need to remember to live in the moment and make the MOST of it!!!!!!! ♥ YA!

  2. I want life simple so that I can come and visit my sweet kids in Utah. Make crepes, watch supermarket sweepstakes, and play games♥. I love you sweet girl!!!

  3. More posts! More posts! More posts from the Hot Girl Mallory