9:53:00 PM

if you were to follow me around campus.
you'd probably think i was a wanderer.
notebook clung to my chest
pen in hand
with my vintage hat
frilly scarf
and riding boots.
you'd see my walk from building to building
removing fliers form the walls.
and staring at the art work.

you'd see me playing nintendo ds.
you'd see me thrust my arms to the sky
smiling, kicking at the leaves
you'd see me sleep on random benches
New York times on my lap.

you'd see me write everything.
you'd see me walk through the HFAC
going from one recital hall to the next.
involuntarily following the music,
sometimes interrupting private practice
"sorry, just listening"

you'd catch me trying to slip into the museum of art
after the doors are closed
or see me walk through the sculpture garden at midnight
considering the consequences of walking through the pond.
you'd see me slide down guard rails
smile at strangers
and buy cake calendars at the book store
if you were to follow me around campus

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  1. Wow you are a really talented writer!!!
    I wish I could put my feelings into words the way you do.
    What an amazing talent!
    I really enjoy your blog.