Day 01. Pictures and Words.

11:56:00 AM

Introduce yourself in pictures and words. Oh dear, I already know I'm going to hate this. Here goes.

These things are mostly worthless facts that I would never tell you, or put in an "about me" box, but they are me.

I have a red lipstick fetish. Have for years, and my mother hates it.

I have a hole in my heart and it beats too fast.

That little bracelet on my wrist never leaves my wrist, ever.

I spend all my money on watching local bands play.

My family is my everything.

When I was little I wanted long hair so I wore skirts on my head, as you can imagine the whole having long hair thing is literally a childhood dream come true.

I am addicted to tea. I decided that this summer I will grow all the herbs from my favorite teas in my greenhouse. (oh, I have a greenhouse)

I am the fifth of nine children.

When I was a little girl I got my hand stuck in an elevator door in China.

I have brown eyes that sometimes decide they'd rather be black.

I used to think I was afraid of commitment until I realized I'm just afraid nothing meets my standard of commitment.

I don't believe in planning.

I skip class to go to antique shops. (I am supposed to be in class right now. oops)

I have a preoccupation with love, and defining it.

I am a Mormon. And I love it.

Writing keeps me sane, I'm running away to India in August.

I love: antique shops, documentaries, coffee shops, frosted mini wheats, vintage couches, greenhouses, record players (yes, I have one) and Brian Kershisnik paintings.

I talk too much and I laugh too loud, I hate foam and half opened doors.

I write in a poor excuse for cursive. And someday when I’m dead my children will love how many journals I left behind, until they realize not a word of them is legible, I should work on that.

I would love to meet the person who believes they can define themselves in a blogpost, ludicrous (not the rapper, the word).

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