Day 05. Your Definition of Love.

11:02:00 AM

I've been avoiding writing this post for some time, knowing that it will be nearly impossible to do justice. I have a sort of preoccupation with defining love (you probably know this), so this post shouldn't be difficult, I simply dread the thought of over or under doing it. However, due to a fainting-episode that has left me couch-bound, I find myself with exponentially growing amounts of boredom and frustration. The only remedy seems to be blogging, naturally. Here goes. Trying to define love is like saying you know how to count to infinity or that you've discovered a timer to encapsulate eternity. There is no such thing as a definition of love because the very essence of defining something is to limit its scope and minimize its coverage, and the very essence of love is infinite and limitless. We define words down to a precise sentence and say it is what it is. Love is the exception to every rule, the remedy to negativity, stress, and contention. Love is inevitability. Love is when you genuinely desire to become a better person without the tainting lingering of inadequacy. Love is when your own needs become secondary. Love is sacrifice but it is made willingly, knowing the benefits to be reaped far outweigh those things sacrificed. Love is the sort of thing that only grows and holds the heart and soul of the one who loves and stretches it, expands it, and leaves it lighter, better, more capable than when it was discovered. Love leads to a direct increase of capacity to feel joy, to experience beauty, and to speak wisdom. Love increases all good and diminishes mediocrity. Love takes hostages with the purest intent to supply us with a strength of being we have not previously experienced. Love is a process of surrendering to those things your soul knows you need, and ridding yourself of those things that will only hinder you. Love resembles omnipotence, its experiences are wisdom, and its intentions are the epitome of honesty. Love is beauty, sacrifice, knowledge, truth, and every other lovely thing imaginable. Love is unique, unparalleled by any other human emotion. Love is the embodiment of eternity and the action of service. Love is inexplicable, indefinable, nontarnishable. Love is the excellence of every virtue and the perfection of honesty. Love is the greatest desire, the end destination of each and every route.

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