Day 06. Your Day.

11:01:00 PM

5:30 am. Go to the temple. Four hours of sleep is plenty. Get family names done. Love life.
7:00 am. Return home, get brothers and dad out of the house and on their way to their Moab adventures. Drop them off, swing by the store to get them deodorant and treats. Wait with them in the freezing cold till the leaders can figure out how to work the trailer hitch.
8:00 am. Return home. Jump on mini trampoline and watch the morning news with the mother. Talk about going to Egypt and John Travolta. Begin watching Mona Lisa Smile.
9:30 am. Stop watching Mona Lisa Smile. Eat Frosted Mini Wheats (hallelujah) get ready for class. Change the laces on my shoes at the most awkward time possible.
10:15 am. stop procrastinating, ask Mom to take me to school. Laugh the whole way there as we sing "Walk Like A Man" laugh as Mom says goodbye to her "hippie daughter" make a joke about literal hips.
10:20 Physical Science
11:00 Realize the drinks Mom gave you to help your heart after fainting on Saturday actually have loads of caffeine and have been making it worse. Call her to tell her, of course, and laugh until Book of Mormon starts.
12:00 Struggle through American Heritage. Shop for shoes instead.
1:00 Subway. Eat Fresh.
2:00 Sit outside campus, music from my laptop filling the air. Shameless. Everyone deserved to hear it. Home. Home. Home.
3:00 Gas Station, Bank, and Ice Cream Cones with the little ladies. Shop.
4:00 "you have time"
5:00 Sit through hilarious physical science review.
7:00 Drive home from review. Stop randomly to listen to lovely laptop songs.
9:00 Go to get dessert with Kait.
10:00 pm. Do puzzles with Mom
I'm done. I'm tired. Good night.

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