11:27:00 PM

I've made a new rule for myself. One thousand words a day. It sounded like a lot at first but I've averaged two to three thousand the past few days. I know it will get harder but the idea is that if I ramble on for a thousand words worth at least one sentence will contain something worthwhile. What's the opposite of a writer's block?

That's all.

I lied. That's not all. Shout out to Mister Jacob Covey, the man of the hour. He has just received his mission call and will be serving in the Adelaide, Australia mission. What a stud. And yes, we are referring to the very founder of The International Men of Luxury, ladies and gentlemen. Go ahead, be excited.

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  1. Now let's see if you can limit yourself to speaking that many words a day. Ha! Okay, how about a thousand words per conversation..... Just kiddin'. I love ya!