coming from a big family.

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Growing up, I became very accustomed to people asking me, "what's it like to come from a big family?" I always thought it was a silly question and very often resisted the urge to say, "I don't know what's it like to come from a small one?"  I'm the middle child of nine. I have seven nieces and nephews (another coming in November), three spouses who are married and when you add us all up we make 22. As I've gotten older, and realized that our family isn't necessarily usual I've thought a lot about what it really means to come from a big family. And here's what I've decided. Coming from a big family means

always having enough people for a full soccer game
busy Sunday dinners
lots of simultaneously laughing/crying children
very few "complete" family photos
big Christmas parties
taking up a whole bench (and then some) when we visit the parent's ward
lots of extra Facebook friends
loud Superbowl parties
and always more people to love.

I always think having a big family must be kind the same as having a small one, just with a few extra people. And the best part is that it just keeps growing. With every marriage and with every birth there are just more people to love.

also, happy late fourth!

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