On Happiness.

2:08:00 PM

Awhile back I was talking to this woman about how we react to exciting news. She told me about this study on happiness and  basically the conclusion of the study was that our joy isn't complete until we share it with somebody else. I don't know why but I've just always thought that is pretty cool. When I think about our beliefs and about the gospel I realize that we can't obtain true happiness in that realm if we're not sharing what we know with others. Or when something exciting happens, we get an A on a test or we get a job offer, we reach the peak of our happiness when we share our excitement with somebody else. I think the same concept applies to marriage in that we can be happy and content on our own but having someone to share in that happiness with us just makes it that much better.

I think what I get out of it all is that we weren't created to live in solitude. We were created to interact, to share, and to find joy in our interactions with others. Sharing our happiness with others is literally the best way to reach a fullness of joy; it's not meant to be a selfish thing, and I think that is pretty cool.

And because everybody likes pictures, here's one of us from a recent date night to Riverwoods. Doesn't Kory look like he should be a model? Cause I definitely think so. 

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  1. Beautifully said Malgal and I could not agree more. Oh, and I most assuredly see TWO " models " in this picture. :) Hope you both have a beautiful, love~filled ONE year anniversary and a wonderful Christmas.♥