Year One.

2:06:00 PM

This weekend marked Kory and I's one year anniversary so we went up to Park City to celebrate. It was a really fun weekend, we did a lot of relaxing and whole lot of tv-watching and it was just nice to be together. Part of me can't believe it has only been a year because I can't imagine my life without my sweet husband and it feels like so much longer. Another part of me can't believe a year has already passed. Our anniversary was a sweet time to be able to reflect on everything that has happened in the past year and to think about what is to come. All weekend I have just felt so grateful - for this sweet Christmas season, for the year that we've had together, and for my kind, wonderful, loving, handsome husband. 

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  1. I love you sweet girl. Thanks for your words. I look forward to the next 59 years together.....after that I'll probably be in Heaven.

  2. Sounds like your anniversary was so perfect. I cannot believe you have been married a year already either! Time flies. Marriage is so wonderful and I love the way you write about things. Ps. Your flowers look so beautiful! I hope you're doing well.