on the present.

3:15:00 PM

It seems like lately everybody is obsessed with trying to figure out how to live in the moment. I think this is a good thing to be concerned with because it is an important thing to figure out, and it is hard to do. As I've been thinking about all this I've come to the conclusion that the reason we have such a hard time staying in the moment is because the present makes us really vulnerable. It is easy to talk about the past because it isn't happening now, and even though the future can be daunting we often think about it in abstract, non-concrete terms that make it easier to deal with. The only way we can escape the vulnerability we feel from being in the present is to dwell on the past or to stress about the future so we (sadly) do that instead of loving what we have in front of us. I don't have a solution to the problem except to say that maybe when we figure out what it is about the present that makes us so uncomfortable, we can start to fix it.

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