Why love is worth celebrating.

5:20:00 PM

People hate Valentine's day. Not all people, by any means, but many. They say it is singles awareness day or mushy or stupid or unnecessary because we shouldn't devote just one day to being loving, there are a million different reasons and I used to totally agree with them. A lot of people talk about how Valentine's day is so much better when you're married or dating and while I do think that is true in some regards, I've come to believe that love deserves our attention whether it is romantic or not. We have come to associate Valentine's day with chocolates, roses, candlelit dinners and fancy nights gifts and that isn't a bad thing but I think it can be more widely applicable. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't hate on Valentine's day; we should celebrate the love we're surrounded by- whatever form it may be in. Most of us have loving parents, friends, siblings, neighbors, and relatives  and even if we are lacking that romantic, intimate kind of relationship, I still believe the love we do have is worth appreciating and celebrating. 

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  1. Love you. This is so true. Thanks for being the best est friend.